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Our Investments

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Our Investments

Our current portfolios of companies we work directly with include:

  • ARACA Energy ASA (Norway)

    Araca Energy ASA (ARACA) is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2006 for the purpose of acquisition and production of oil and gas assets. AAA & Sons is a part owner holding a board position in this company.

  • The Group General Trading & Contracting Co. (Kuwait)

    The Group is an organization representing several multi-national companies in the businesses of Aviation and Defense throughout the Gulf Region.  For more details please see attached list of few principals. AAA & Sons holds a 50% shareholding in The Group.

  • Louis Berger (U.S.A)

    Louis Berger is an ‘Engineering News-Record’ (ENR) top-20 ranked, $1 billion global professional services corporation that helps clients solve their most complex infrastructure and development challenges.  AAA & Sons has a long-standing relationship with Louis Berger.  Together AAA & Sons and Louis Berger have a formed a joint venture in Kuwait and have successfully concluded over US$ 1.5 billion worth of infrastructure business in over 7 different countries throughout the Middle East and Africa.

  • HC Bridge Company (U.S.A)

    The HC Bridge Company’s specialty is the development of hybrid composite structural alternatives that can accelerate bridge construction and provide structures with service lives beyond 100 years.  The HCB uses 80 percent less cement – the largest contributor to the carbon footprint in the world. The beams also require 75 to 80 percent fewer trucks for shipping and smaller cranes for erection further reducing carbon emissions. AAA & Sons is the exclusive representative for HC Bridge Company in the Middle East and Africa regions.  AAA & Sons holds a 15% shareholding in the Company and is a Board Member.

  • AAA Tech FZE (U.A.E)

    Is a Company registered in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone on 04 May 2015 pursuing successful Network business in the region. We do facilitate Net Work service for the mobile operators and we have achieved many projects in Saudi, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain and Sudan along with a world leader in the rapidly-changing environment of communications technology – providing equipment, software, and services to mobile and fixed network operators all over the globe.  AAA Tech is an exclusive agent for them in the GCC for certain projects and with specific operators.  AAA Tech has secured more than US$ 700 million worth of projects to date, providing equipment, software, systems and upgrades in the above-mentioned territories.

  • PERI GmbH (Germany)

    PERI specializes in innovative Formwork and Scaffolding systems for the engineering and construction industries worldwide.  PERI and AAA & Sons have a formed a joint venture for exclusively conducting business in Kuwait.  We have been very successful in securing the majority of the relevant bid contracts to date in Kuwait.

  • Al Qebla Al Watya General Trading Company (Kuwait)

    Al Qebla Al Watya General Trading Company (Kuwait) is a Kuwait registered development Company with the rights to own, build and operate a grassroots refinery (400K b/d) and associated petrochemical complex (5 million tons/year) in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.  The Company holds all necessary Government permits, licenses and approvals.  AAA & Sons holds a 33% ownership in the Company and represents the Company in all business development activities.

  • NEXT Payments (Kuwait)

    Next Payments allows you to use your mobile device as your wallet and pay at any eligible business.  Next Pay is a cloud-based payments system dedicated to our customers which enables them to pay with their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. This system has received more and more acceptance in the Kuwait market.  AAA & Sons holds a 43% shareholding in the Company and is a Board Member.

  • Gulf Equestrian (Kuwait)

    Gulf Equestrian is the premier and elite equestrian center in Kuwait.  They provide a convenient solution to horse riders and owners by bringing together personalized and structured information about local, regional and international events, competitions, results and horse management tools.  AAA & Sons holds a 30% shareholding in the Company and is a Board Member.

  • International Engineering Company

    We are also an Agent for Kuwait Territory for an International Engineering Company who are a leading provider of full services in Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for both the public and private sectors.  AAA & Sons provided consultation and representation services to them for the successful award of the Boubiyan Island Bridge (to mainland) in Kuwait.  This project is valued at around US$ 650 million.  Currently assisting this Company with the Kuwait portion of the GCC inter-linked railway system.

  • Philipp Holzmann (Germany)

    Philipp Holzmann is no longer in business (bankrupt), however, at its peak, they were the largest German construction company.  AAA & Sons had a joint venture with Philipp Holzmann and were successfully awarded the Sheikh Jaber Football Stadium and the Subhiya Waste Water Project (combined value: ~US$ 1.2 billion), both in Kuwait.

  • Integrated Construction Group

    We represent a large integrated construction group that encompasses bridge scientific research, reconnaissance and design, construction and equipment manufacturing business, capable of bridge construction over rivers, lakes and sea under whatever the geological and environmental conditions be.  AAA & Sons represents Companies for mega construction projects in which they are interested in pursuing in Kuwait.