We are your Consultants, Local Representatives and Joint Venture Partners

We partner with leading companies around the world in a range of sectors contributing to economic growth in the countries we operate. We expand opportunities for the international and local businesses we work with.

Chairman's Message

a partnership which enables opportunities


businesses to serve in the middle east


opportunities and potential for growth
Joint Venture with Louis Berger

Completed numerous infrastructure projects across the Middle East and Africa.

China Harbour Company

In contracts with China Harbour Engineering Company.

Ericsson Middle East

In contracts with Ericsson in the Middle East.

Representing over 50 companies

Representing many companies in oil and gas, infrastructure, defense and aviation.

Build-Own-Operate (BOO) rights

Holding Build-Own-Operate (BOO) rights for a 400,000 bopd refinery in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Resources and Revenue

AAA is positioned for growth.

Service Spread

Oil and Gas

Approved Company

AAA and Sons is an approved company for major clients like KOC, KNPC, Equate and is a trusted name in the Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Aviation sectors for the region.