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Louis Berger is an Engineering News-Record top-20 ranked, global professional services corporation that helps clients solve their most complex infrastructure and development challenges.

Delivering major infrastructure redevelopment programs in highly populated, urban areas.
Constructing and rehabilitating critical infrastructure in fragile states and developing countries.
Fostering sustainable livelihoods and economic development worldwide.
Preserving and protecting the environment to ensure that future generations have access to clean air and water, fertile soil, open spaces and sustainable resources.
Preserving the aesthetic, environmental, historical and cultural integrity of national and historic landmarks around the world.

With nearly 6,000 engineers, economists, scientists and planners worldwide in more than 50 nations, we are unique in our ability to adapt to local situations.

Founded in 1953, Louis Berger’s quality of work, integrity and commitment has built decades-long client relationships with local, state and federal governments; multilateral institutions; and other public and private entities. To this diverse client base we bring strategic vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, developing solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our Values

[infographic depicting Louis Berger vision and values, with contribute to society at center and passion surrounding] At the core of everything we do is the promise to provide solutions that have a positive impact on society.

We follow through on this promise by focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful projects with integrity.

Encompassing everything we do is our passion for our work, our industry and for delivering on our promise to provide Solutions for a better world.

From our executive leadership to our teams in the field, we share a genuine sense of respect and stewardship for the places where we work and the people whose lives we impact.

Louis Berger projects

  1. Jahra Road - MPW
  2. Jamal Abdul Nasser Road – MPW
  3. 5 Packages in Metlaa – MPW
  4. Ali Al Salem Airbase – MOD
  5. Ahmad Al Jaber Airbase – MOD
  6. Roads leading to the new KIPIC Refinery ( Still ongoing project since 2012 )
  7. Arifjan US army – Project Management
  8. Ministry of Youth project management



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