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Peri Group

Formwork and scaffolding systems, services and plywood from one single source

PERI, founded in 1969, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding. In addition to the parent plant and headquarters in Weissenhorn near Ulm, Germany, more than 70 subsidiaries and over 160 logistics centers are operated. The company employs over 9,500 employees and generated revenue of € 1.56 bn last year. The company name is taken from the Greek preposition "peri" (English: around).

Who we are

PERI has grown gradually and is still owned by the founding family. The following pages will give you an insight and overview of the family business PERI:

Peri Projects 

  1. Al Asma Project
  2. Al Zour refinery – LNG Terminal project
  3. NBK Tower
  4. Sabah Al salem University city
  5. Al Hamra Tower
  6. New Palace of justice
  7. Equate Refinery shutdown project
  8. College of Arts & Education

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